Market Expertise

  • Evaluation of the Clients business potentials with service/product analysis
  • Snapshot of the opportunities available in the new market
  • Compliance with regulations, labeling, certifications, trade barriers, technical standards
  • Trade and distribution network analysis
  • Perspective business partners or buyers selection
  • Overview of the financial needs and resources corresponding to the suggested actions of the business plan
  • Tailored lectures in International Business and Marketing for the Clients Management

Entry Strategy

  • Entry strategies in the local market, new segments, targets, pricing and customization
  • Competitors, costumers needs, distinctive differentiation elements
  • Marketing of services and products in accordance with the brand positioning strategy
  • International on-line marketing for each new target country
  • Web site design in synergy with local retailers/distributors
  • Requirements for products and labels registrations

Business Development

  • Distributorship arrangements and supply management
  • Commercial proposals and participation in tenders
  • Local partners and sponsors liaisons (company registration)
  • Research and pre-qualifications of potential suppliers for products and services on the Italian territory
  • Audit compliance with specifications, price ranges, labeling, certifications, logistics and quality reports
  • Samples analysis on behalf of the local buyer with terms and conditions of supply