B-Wide is a consultancy firm based in Rome advising Italian Companies committed to the process of the expansion of their business at an international level, with particular focus on the Middle East.

Our mission consists of identifying new opportunities for growth through the development of comprehensive customer and marketing analyses as well as operational support to manage the efforts of our Clients whose potentials exists in these markets.

We continue this commitment through the establishment of professional networks across the Middle East, utilizing highly skilled managers and entities with deep roots in the local environment, enabling efficient and professional guidance into this dynamic region.


Our areas of specialization are in international marketing, brand positioning, trade and distribution, securing partnerships or joint-venture opportunities, and the sourcing of Italian products and services for the international buyers.

Utilizing the trade skills and the cultural knowledge of the Middle East region, we have provided professional know-how across a broad spectrum of economic sectors in order to assist in the development of business solutions.
These include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Industry, Power and Energy
  • Advanced Technologies, Telecommunication
  • Health-Care, Food, Cosmetics
  • Design, Luxury Goods, Jewelry.


Since 1995, we have cooperated with word-wide companies providing advice with respect to their marketing and communication strategies. From 2001 to 2010, we have assisted private companies at an international level with an executive role in Confindustria, the lead organization representing the manufacturing, construction, energy, transport, ITC, tourism and service providers industries in Italy.

The experience gained from dealing with government entities based in United Arab Emirates and Qatar since 2008, has matured into the decision to pursue the activity in the Middle East region on a continuous basis, enhancing the opportunities provided by the development of the most emerging markets of this region.